Grace To Heal's approach to Peacebuilding
'From a culture of violence to nonviolence Born from a violent struggle for independence from a violent and oppressive colonial system, the nation of Zimbabwe has inevitably inherited violence as a conflict resolution tool of choice. The national psyche is steeped in violence, incidents of violence dot the history of Zimbabwe. Some of the major incidents include: the 1980s massacres in Matabeleland, known as 'Gukurahundi', the violent farm invasions and seizures, the 2005 'Operation Restore Order' better known as 'Operation Murambastvina' (refuse dirt) left more than 700 000 urban informal settlers homeless, violence against opposing parties activists and supporters reached unprecedented levels in the period leading to the June 27th 2008 Presidential election rerun, many people died or were severely maimed and others lost their properties. In the midst of so much violence, Grace To Heal believes its prime mandate is to deconstruct the culture of violence and help create a paradigm shift to nonviolent conflict resolution and social transformation. Grace To Heal's approach to Peacebuilding is generational, i.e. medium to long term behavioural and attitudinal change focusing at 10-20 years' work with each community.
Programme and Activities
• Trauma Processing
• Women empowerment
• Church leaders’ participation
• Conflict Resolution and mediation
• Peace Building and Research Institute
• Non-violent social transformation
• Youth Peacebuilding workshops
• Documentation
Stories from the field

• Slaughter no more !!
• The sins of the father
• Insight from interns

Academic Research
Grace To Heal may offer story material for reseach, academic materials on request on items listed below.
• Assistance in Subject interview
• Attachment for University Students
• Photographs
• Story Material
To request information, please contact us directly. In your message please provide specific details of the nature of your work and state materials or information you desire, your name, address, phone number and your deadline (if any). ---------
Any information provided by Grace To Heal is provided as is and without any prejudice or any other intent apart from that which it is intended for.
group discussion
Peace building
Conflict Resolution
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TrainingReal People and Real Healing
OUR FOCUS is at bringing the process of reconciliation and Peacebuilding as a critical mission of the church. The church must cut the umbilical cord of violence and teach and advocate for nonviolence. Nonviolence is a force more powerful than war. We are here to work with primary and secondary victims of violence. Giving hope and building faith for the future and a peaceful society is a cherished goal.